What We Do

JACGK TRUST is a private enterprise registered under the Ghanaian Company’s Act of 2019 to carry out agriculture related business like (livestock farming, trading of agriculture products, food & feed processing) and clean energy stove (Obaapa Clean Stove)


We Provide efficient charcoal stoves to rural and urban areas in Ghana

Trusted Brand

Obaapa clean stove has become the household name in rural and urban ares in Ghana. thanks to our durability techniques

Poultry feeds

Our naturally sourced ingredients are a safe and effective solution for the development of various compound or complementary poultry feeds and specialty pre-starter concepts for very young chicks. 

Obaapa Clean Stove

We are into manufacturing and supplying of efficient charcoal stoves to rural and urban areas in Ghana. Our past years experience as supplier for government cookstove project inititaive has inspired us to scout for opportunity to develop a project for rural and urban househlds in Ghana. 

Jacgk Trust brand of Obaapa efficient stoves have been used by the Government of Ghana and Korea improve cookstove project. Our stove has proven to be of choice among household during monitoring. Household users have accepted the technology to meet their basic cooking demand.

The company sells to individuals, schools, hotels, restaurants on daily basis and supply to the remotest villages. However, public and private institutions also make special orders for large scale

JACGK Trust manages diverse staff in achieving results mostly youth . We rehabilitate drug street boys by giving them source of livelihoods by employment. Impacting on the lives of many, and is committed to providing people with new opportunities and alternative sources of income.

Agric Business

Jacgk Trust Agricultural business is one of the top feed milling services and poultry farms in Ghana known for day-old-chicks supply, broilers, turkey, eggs supply, and feed milling service. We provide good service and match up to standards of poultry ethics. We provide healthy day-old-chicks you can buy to start your poultry farm business. Jacgk Trust has been noted for its biggest farm and innovation in the poultry industry in Ghana.

We works at achieving revolution in the area of agriculture by increasing quality and improvement in quality livestock and poultry products by providing organic feed . 

Our complete feed products give you the benefit to provide your animals always with a stable and well-balanced product. You are not dependent anymore on fluctuating raw material quality and prices. Jacgk Trust guarantees a stable product during the years with good availability. 

At Jack Trust, shell-strengthening nutrients in every bite. All premium layer feeds are infused with the Oyster Strong System to ensure your laying hens achieve a consistent supply of calcium through a blend of oyster shell, vitamin D and manganese.

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