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Aside Obaapa Clean Stove, Jacgk Trust specialize in providing our clients with Highly nutritious poultry feeds tailored at an affordable price.
Our clients benefit from a bespoke service that is tailored to each customer’s needs. Quality of service and the commitment of Jacgk Trust directors and staff have ensured that our customer retention is among the highest in this short period in the supply and distribution of poultry feeds.

Our complete feed products give you the benefit to provide your fowls always with a stable and well-balanced product. You are not dependent anymore on fluctuating raw material, quality and prices. Jacgk Trust guarantees a stable product during the years with good availability. This will make your birds perform better

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At Jack Trust, Our motivation and on-the-farm approach ensure that our recommendations and feed are fully tailored to your specific situation. We have only one focus: to achieve the optimal result for our customers. Because when our customers do well, so do we!

Our Organic Food for your poultry is all about helping you have a happy, healthy flock of egg-laying birds. JACGK Trust offers a line of nourishing, non-GMO products from our ancient grains farm.

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